Hamisheh: A Leading Fitness App With Over 400,000 Active Users

Hamisheh, this unique fitness app, provides a wide range of information on workouts and healthy eating. It was found by two popular fitness influencers who have over a million followers. They aimed to develop an app focused on fitness, good nutrition, and taking care of your mental health. The app includes lots of instructional videos for its users that help them improve their wellness.





12 months

Project Overview

Hamisheh is a dynamic fitness app made by a group of media experts and famous fitness influencers. They wanted to make a set of high-quality videos about fitness exercises and cooking healthy food, led by some of the best trainers around. With lots of experience in making videos and marketing, the team reached out to TechIsland, a skilled software development company, to help turn their idea into a real app.


Tight Deadline

The team had to rush because they only had three months from starting the project to when they wanted to launch it. While they knew what the app should do generally, they weren’t all on the same page about the small details. This meant we had to make decisions fast, agree on things quickly, and get those features ready in time for launch.

Handling Lots of Users Right Away

They expected a lot of people to sign up for the app as soon as it launched, thanks to the two influencers promoting it on Instagram. With each influencer having over a million followers interested in fitness, we predicted at least 50,000 people would join the app fast. This meant the app had to be strong and flexible enough to deal with lots of users at once without any problems or slowing down.

Putting Together a Software Team

Another big challenge for Hamisheh was setting up their own team to maintain the software. The founders knew it was important to have their own developers to make the app just right. But finding the right people, setting up the team, picking the best tools and ways of working, all while keeping an eye on time and making sure everything was great, was a lot to handle. Getting this team in place was key to making their fitness app a success.

Our Solution

Tech Island took a strong and straightforward approach to creating a reliable video streaming app for Hamisheh. We used several strategies to manage tight deadlines, support a lot of users at once, and help Hamisheh’s team work well together. Here’s what we did:

Hamisheh feature image


Deep Business Requirement Analysis

Our team began by diving deep into an analysis of business requirements. This helped make sure everyone knew what we were doing. We used wireframes to make sure the whole team understood the project clearly. We kept refining these plans by talking with the founders again and again, updating our designs after each discussion. Then, our backend and frontend teams got to work, building the app from the initial plans. We chose to use a hybrid approach, which meant we could work on Android and iOS versions at the same time while also focusing on integrating the UI details. We checked our progress with monthly demos to stay on track for launching the app in three months. This step-by-step method helped us build the app smoothly and on time.

Hamisheh web design


Perfect Server Configuration Choice

We built a strong system to manage lots of users, following the best methods. After our front-end and back-end teams agreed on how to connect their work, we started working on both parts at the same time. For the backend, we used Spring Boot and Java, and for the front end, we chose Ionic because it lets us use the same code for both Android and iOS apps. This saved us time and money and made it easier than handling two separate projects. We used Scrum, a flexible way of working, and kept everyone involved throughout the project. We also set up a strong and affordable server setup and got the app running on time. Right after launching, our app could handle 50,000 users at once, especially for video streaming, without any problems.

Hamisheh case study


Establishing In-House Development

In the later part of the first phase, we started setting up the software system and helped them create their own development team. During the second phase, we included their employees in our work, showing them the ropes about the code, tools, and how we operate as a team. After that phase, we handed the project over to their team smoothly, and they took over from the third phase on their own. Still, we kept giving them tips and support through our consultancy services.

Hamisheh project

Client Benefits

Hamisheh has become a top fitness app in the country, with more than 400,000 active users. It has drawn the most well-known fitness trainers to offer great content. Many big companies throughout the country have teamed up with Hamisheh to help their employees stay fit. This growth highlights Hamisheh’s role in promoting a healthier lifestyle in the country. 

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