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Ready to make more money while enjoying the journey of success? Join TechIsland’s Sales Partnership Program from anywhere in the world! We’re looking for dynamic individuals like you to be part of our professional sales family. Benefit from excellent training, exciting perks and resources, along with clear communication on the journey. Partner with us today and turn your potential into success.

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What Makes Our Partnership Program Great?

Join Us Worldwide: Our program opens the doors for collaboration to individuals across the globe. Wherever you are, you have the opportunity to be a part of our global network and join our journey of success from any corner of the world.

Learn and Grow: We are here to help you develop your sales and customer acquisition skills. Whether you’re starting or already have experience, we provide clear training to enhance your abilities and support your professional growth.

Make More Money: As a participant in our partnership program, you take on the role of sales representative and have the chance to generate income through successful collaborations with TechIsland.

Get Ongoing Support: Experience continuous support and access valuable tools, resources, and rewards in our program. Stay connected through open communication and witness ongoing improvements designed to meet your needs.

It's Easy to Become Our Partner

We welcome a diverse range of individuals to join our team. Whether you’re an experienced IT professional with a well-established network in the IT community or someone who understands the basics of IT and possesses a strong network in the IT sector, you’re the perfect fit for us. We’re also excited to welcome individuals with a passion for technology and sales, as well as motivated individuals who are ready to actively contribute to our goals. No matter where you are in the world, join us – there are no location barriers!

Success Stories

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Ready to join our network of successful sales partners?


Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need specific qualifications. But you should show that you're connected to the IT industry to join us as a sales partner.

When you bring customers to us, you'll use your referral code. This links the customer to your partnership. If they sign a contract with TechISland, you'll get your commission.

No, you can join from anywhere.  We welcome partners from all around the world.

We offer training on presenting our services and reaching out to potential customers effectively.

We pay around 5% to 10% commission for each service sold. The exact rate depends on the service type, and it's based on the price before tax.

Yes, definitely. You can do this alongside your full-time job. Our program is flexible.

You'll get a personal dashboard to track your referrals and see how much commission you've earned.

No, it's free to become a sales partner with TechIsland.

You'll usually get your commission a couple of weeks after the client pays.

You don't need specific technical skills. Knowing a bit about IT and being good at presenting and selling is enough to succeed as a sales partner.

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