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TechIsland is a company that helps tech businesses grow. We offer different services like consulting, project outsourcing management, hiring experts, and practical website, software, and app development solutions. Our goal is to bring business ideas to life and guide them to success by making the journey smoother. The TechIsland team is dedicated to creating unique opportunities for each business. We make personalized plans based on every business’s needs, helping them thrive in the tech world.

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Our Story

In today’s world, technology is like an endless sea. Without guidance, it can be confusing. Founded in 2013, TechIsland acts as a guide for those navigating this vast ocean. With over 10 years of experience, our founders understood the need for custom software solutions in startups. So TechIsland has grown from a small team to a comprehensive software development company, fueled by our commitment to innovation and understanding unique opportunities and challenges in the tech world.
TechIsland is a space for experiencing innovation in technology. It’s a community where ideas and creativity blend professionally. The story of TechIsland is not just about technology; it’s also a tale of friendship that adds meaning to collaboration. Our professional team at TechIsland guides companions towards growth and progress, creating a warm and energetic environment where every innovative idea can thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission at TechIsland is to boost the capabilities of businesses and innovators in the startup world. We achieve this by offering personalized solutions and helping businesses grow and succeed. Our team combines industry expertise with modern technology, delivering strategic solutions that align with our clients’ goals. Beyond being a service provider, we aim to be a trusted partner, nurturing innovation, and delivering excellent results in our clients’ journeys.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of digital services to meet your needs, from improving your online presence to developing advanced software solutions. Our services include Android and iOS app development, as well as web development for creating dynamic and responsive websites. We specialize in custom software development made to meet your unique requirements, along with Windows and macOS application development that works with diverse platforms. Our expertise extends to game development, wearable app development, and consultancy services for team building and digital strategy. Additionally, we offer software developer leasing for fexible stafng solutions. Embracing the latest technologies, we provide AI, AR/VR, and blockchain development services to move your projects forward.

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Our Vision

TechIsland aims to lead in software development, shaping the future of technology in startups. We intend to set new standards in software innovation, creating solutions that meet current needs and anticipate future trends. Beyond technology, we’d like to build a community of innovation, collaboration, and growth, where ideas fourish, and goals
become reality. TechIsland envisions a world where technology serves as a bridge, connecting aspirations with achievements and startups with success.

Our Values

At TechIsland, we believe in delivering the highest quality solutions. We are committed to moving swiftly and adapting to changes, making our processes agile. Plus, we stand by our clients every step of the way, offering support and guidance to help them achieve success.

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