DecentraBNB: A Trailblazer in the Cryptocurrency Vacation Rental Marketplace

DecentraBNB started in Dubai and is an innovator in using blockchain for vacation rentals. It’s the first of its kind, letting people rent places for their holidays using digital currencies. The app is easy to use, offering a wide range of properties to choose from for short breaks or longer stays. And for those who own properties, it’s a great way to show off their rental spaces and make money in cryptocurrency. 





36 months

Project Overview

DecentraBNB aimed to change the game for renting vacation homes by making it easy to pay with cryptocurrency. The idea was perfect for travelers who loved tech, giving them a simple way to find places to stay all over the world. Plus, they could pay with different kinds of digital money, adding an extra layer of convenience. So we teamed up with the creative mind, Mohsen Farmanesh, to turn this cool idea into reality. Together, we’ve made a safe, easy-to-use app that opens up new possibilities for travelers and property owners.


Making Cryptocurrency Payments Work

Setting up a safe and dependable way to pay with various cryptocurrencies was a big task. We needed a system that could handle many types of digital money quickly and safely, and also follow the rules of different places.

Building a Strong Backend That Can Grow

We expected a lot of users and a lot of transactions, so our backend system had to be super strong to handle all the data and be able to grow. It needed to handle more than 100,000 users at once and process many transactions smoothly, without any delays or problems.

Creating a Great Experience on All Devices

It was crucial to make sure users had a great experience, whether they were on a website or using a mobile app. We had to make a website that worked well on any device and mobile apps that felt native to both Android and iOS, all within a tight schedule.

Our Solution

Tech Island designed a set of services to turn the DecentraBNB idea into something real, overcoming technical hurdles and setting up a smooth way to operate. We started by closely examining what DecentraBNB needed, making sure our plans matched their goals. We really dug into the details of how rental marketplaces and blockchain work to come up with the best solutions.

DecentraBNB web design


Working with Payment Services

We looked at different third-party payment services to find a way for users to easily pay with cryptocurrencies. After talking to several providers, we chose 2 that best fit our client’s needs and worked them into our system.

DecentraBNB mobile app


Modern Backend and Frontend Development

We built our system to grow easily, using microservice architecture, Spring Boot, and Java for the backend to keep things running smoothly and quickly. For the website, we used Angular because it’s great for building complex sites and easy to keep up. For the app, we chose React Native, so we could use the same code for both Android and iOS, making things more efficient.

DecentraBNB case study


Arranging Parallel Teams

To make sure users have a great experience on both the website and the app, we had different teams for backend, web, and mobile development work at the same time. This helped us meet our deadlines and make sure everything turned out great.

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Client Benefits

The launch of DecentraBNB and its new way of allowing payments with cryptocurrency has made it a leader in the vacation rental market. Quickly, the platform attracted more than 100,000 users, and its own DecentraBNB coin is now recognized on over 10 famous cryptocurrency exchanges. The project’s modern approach won it the “Most Innovative Project” award at the Crypto Expo 2022 in Dubai, confirming DecentraBNB’s place as a top innovator in the market.


Award and Recognition

The innovative prowess of DecentraBNB did not go unnoticed, as it was lauded with the “Most Innovative Project” accolade at the Crypto Expo 2022 in Dubai, a testament to the ingenuity and forward-thinking approach employed in its development.
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