IEC Management Consultants: Making Global Education Opportunities More Accessible

IEC Management Consultants, located in London, UK, helps people find the best education options abroad that match their interests. They not only help students with both long-term studies and short courses that improve job chances but also handle the application process for them. The important job of linking students with these educational chances is given to a network of agents. These agents, located all around the world, are crucial to IEC’s work. They put in a lot of effort to help students achieve their dreams. However, using old, slow methods to keep everything organized and manage all the details of each student’s application was extremely difficult. And since IEC was working with many agents and students around the world, they needed a more efficient way to manage the work.



IEC Management


24 months

Project Overview

IEC Management Consultants planned to create a centralized platform to simplify the complex process of international education consulting. Their goal was for this platform to directly connect students with global study opportunities and provide agents with the necessary tools to facilitate these connections effortlessly. 


Unclear Project Requirements

At first, our client was not sure how to turn their existing functionalities into a real product. We needed to dig deeper to get a full picture of the client’s expectations and objectives to make sure we were all on the same page before moving forward.

Need for Multiple Languages

IEC’s network of agents was all over the globe, making it essential for the platform to support various languages. It was very important to make sure people from all over the world could easily use the platform, no matter what their native language was.

Faster Matching Process

The old way of matching students with the right universities was slow and difficult. Making this process faster and simpler was crucial to helping students find schools that meet their study and personal needs more quickly and easily.

Our Solution

Our solution was to build a detailed, all-in-one platform that meets the special needs of International Education Consulting (IEC) and makes the process of matching easy for their agents and clients from all over the world.

IEC Management


Deep Dive into Business Needs

For three months, we had deep talks and interviews with stakeholders. These interviews led to the creation of a big 500-page requirement analysis document that explained what they needed. This document helped us make a custom prototype and descriptions of how it would be used.

IEC Management case study


Support for Many Languages and Easy Translations

We created a multi-language data model that could handle several languages and integrated with third-party translators for five languages. We also made an admin panel so that translations could be updated easily whenever needed.

IEC Management Consultants project


Smart Matching System

Finally, We developed a smart system to find the best matches from a large list of colleges and universities, using the information, interests, and preferences that each applicant provided.

IEC Case Study

Client Benefits

The platform was a big step for IEC and helped them spread their work to the Middle East and Europe. With this new platform, IEC made connections in over 50 countries, making their network bigger than before. And the greatest thing was how this platform enabled IEC to easily help lots of students from different countries move to new places for school and learn and share their culture with others around the world.

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